Main Research Activities


ICT Research Centre

 The most important aims of the centre are   
  • Elaboration and development of an ICT-strategy supporting university teaching and research work
  • Promoting teacher and student research on the subject
  • Cooperation with national and international researchers and associations
  • Organization of and participation in conferences related to the topic
  • Development of manuals, training and teaching materials related to e-learning in higher education
  • Organisation trainings and seminars to develop digital competencies of academic staff

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Faculty of Law


The two main research fields of the Faculty of Law are the following:

  • The effects of constitutional changes and the Fundamental Law on the Hungarian legal system.
  • The effects of the new technologies and global technological changes on the Hungarian legal system.


Department of Criminal law, Criminal procedure and Penitentiary Law
  • School violence/crime, bullying; The global world of the violence;
  • Changes in Hungarian criminal policy and the contemporary system of criminal law
Department of International and European Law
  • The law of the international sales and special questions of the international commercial law;
  • Legal and institutional aspects of EU external relations
Department of Infocommunication Law
  • The challenges of new global technologies in the Hungarian legal system
Department of Public Administration Law
  • Roma and public administration
Department of Commercial Law
  • Legal challenges of property transactions and other assurances in contemporary civil law and practice of various European states
Department of Labor Law and Social Security
  • The development of the Social Security System in Hungary until today


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Institute of Arts Studies and General Humanities
  • Systematic Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Ideas
  • Church History,
  • History of Theology
  • Byzantinology
  • Art History
  • Religious Studies
  • Popular Religiosity throughout the Ages
  • Mysticism in Religion
  • Theatre History
  • Contemporary Hungarian Theatre
  • Theatre Database Building
  • Translation of Technical Literature on Theatre
Institute of English Studies
  • English Descriptive Linguistics
  • History of the English Language
  • Applied English Linguistic
  • Methodology of ESL
  • History of English Literature
  • British History
  • Hermeneutics (Jonathan Edwards, Northrop Frye, Tolkien, Milton, King James Bible)
  • Canadian Studies (Teaching Canada, Social and Literary Aspects of Canadian Multiculturalism)
  • North-American Studies
  • Irish Studies
  • Lexicography
  • Pragmatics
  • Phonetics
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Translation Studies
Institute of German and Dutch Studies
  • Literature and Memory along the Danube (Spiritual Centres of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Digital Cultural Topography)
  • Lexicography, History of the German and Dutch Language and Literature
Institute of History
  • Cultural History of Reformation (History of Reformation in Hungary, Role of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Education, Hungarian Specificities of Protestant Ethics, Critical Analysis and Publication of Historical Source Texts)
  • Protestantism in Transylvania (16-18th-century Transylvanian History, Transylvanian Foreign Affairs, Christianity/Protestantism during the Turkish Occupation, Gábor Bethlen, Reformed College of Nagyenyed)
  • Church History (Ecclesiastical Topography in East-Central Europe—Methods, Problems and Possibilities)
  • Classical Myths and Cultural History (Paleography, Kleininschriften Research, Abklatsch-Collection)
Institute of Hungarian Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies
  • TERMIK (Terminology)
  • Translation Theory
  • Jargon
  • Lexicography
  • Hungarian Studies Network
  • Children’s and Juvenile Literature (Juvenile Literary History and Methodology, Literary Genres, Canons and Reception)
  • Mediality
  • History of Literary Criticism
  • Literary Translation
  • Religion and Ethnography
  • Folklore
  • Fairy Tale Analysis and Research
  • Contemporary Central European Novel
  • Neolatin Studies
Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures
  • Modern Oriental Languages and Cultures (Japanese Lexicography, Mongolian, Korean and Chinese Cultures, Near and Middle Eastern Cultures)
Institute of Psychology
  • Clinical Application of Drawing Tests/ Pictorial Expression
  • Psychometry of Projective Tests (Test Adaptation, Test Development, Rorschach Test, Computerised Testing, Development of Self-Knowledge, Male-Female Relationships)
  • Obesity Research
  • Developmental Psychology & Neuropsychology (Role of Games, POS, Hyperactivity, Retardation)
  • Chronic Back Pain Research
  • Social Psychology (Psychoanalysis in Social Psychology, Social Inequality, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Multiculturalism),
  • Psychological Statistics (Hungarian Applications of Zuckerman-Kuhlman-Aluja’s Test, Intercultural Examinations)
  • Pregnancy Research (Effects of Pregnancy on Mothers, Fathers, and Children)
Institute of Social and Communication Sciences
  • Rescuers and rescued
  • Hungarian Religiosity, Identity, Values and Church Sociology
  • Communication and Society
  • Sacral Communication (Sacral Language and Communication, Religious Communication)
  • Quantitative Communication Research
  • Network Research
Teacher Training Center
  • ICT in Language Teaching / in the Classroom, Subject Methodology
Trans-institutional Research
  • Traditions of Mysticism (Egypt, Neoplatonism, Late Antiquity, Middle Ages, Augustine, Maximos, Superstitions and Popular Beliefs, Contemporary Mysticism, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology and Spirituality)
  • Intercultural Research and Translation (Cultural Transfer Phenomena, Cultural Remembrance and Heritage, Multilingualism)


Faculty of Theology


Research activities of the Faculty of Theology are focused on the following areas:

  • Historical, literary and linguistic study of the Hebrew Bible
  • Exegetical and ethical traditions of the New Testament and early Christianity
  • Systematic theological and religious philosophical problems in the protestant theological tradition
  • Semper Reformanda: The idea of reformation in the different periods of Church history
  • Dialogue between theology and social sciences in practical theology


Faculty of Social Studies and Health Sciences


Research Institute for Health Policy

Upon the initiative of the Board of the Faculty of Social Studies and Health Sciences, the Senate of the University endorsed the establishment of the Research Institute for Health Policy on 26 February 2020.
The Head of the Research Institute for Health Policy is Dr. András Mogyorósi, Dean of the Faculty.
The aim of the Research Institute for Health Policy is to create a coherent system for research programmes in the fields of medical and health sciences, and to deepen the cooperation between the scientific community and higher education.

Planned activities:

• research funded by external grants and papers
• development of scientific studies in the fields of interest of the Institute
• publication of the research studies performed at the Research Institute for Health Policy in the scientific literature
• publication of educational and methodological papers
• support of students with outstanding track records


Faculty of Pedagogy


Research activities of the Faculty of Pedagogy are focused at the following areas:

  • Action research of the renewal of teacher training – based on the oeuvre of Sándor Karácsony
  • Drama pedagogy and adventure pedagogy
  • National history and ethnography
  • Practical theology research from a historical and theoretical perspective (in cooperation with the Faculty of Theology)
  • The future of cantor training and organology
  • Skill measurement and improvement
  • Development of the Roma mission strategy as well as the action plan of the Reformed Church in Hungary


In addition to the above mentioned research fields the Faculty of Pedagogy actively participates at the following state-financed research projects:

– TÁMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0006 „Improvement of talent management conditions at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church”
– TÁMOP-5.2.8-12/1-2013-0001 „Support of youth education in small communities”




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