Health Care and Insurance

Citizens of the European Economic Area and of Switzerland are entitled to receive the same medical care as Hungarian insured persons on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC should be issued before leaving the home country and is required for each phase of the treatment.

Medical examinations and necessary treatments are free of charge, but the medicines have to be paid for. If the insured person cannot produce an EHIC while seeking necessary health care in Hungary, the health care provider can accept a retroactively issued patient record card (PRC) as well.

For more information on access to health care visit the website of OEP (National Health Insurance Fund Administration).

You can find more information on the European Health Insurance Card here.

Non-EU citizens are advised to enquire whether there is a bilateral agreement on health care between Hungary and their country and be informed about the conditions of the agreement.

Citizens and/or residents of third countries which are not part of the European Economic Area and which don’t have bilateral agreements with Hungary on the provision of health care have to pay full price for the health care services rendered in Hungary. According to the Hungarian legislation the health care provider can set the fee basically freely, therefore, the Hungarian National Health Insurance has no influence on the amount of fee charged.

As a consequence of that, they are strongly advised to take out a health insurance policy for the entire period of their stay before their departure. Should they fail to do so, they have to make arrangements for health care upon their arrival in Hungary.

If required, the University can propose a possible private insurance solution by a trusted company (approximated free of 32.000 HUF/semester), but it is primarily the responsibility of the student to make the basic arrangements. (Opting for private insurance is a far better option than being insured by the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund (OEP) where you are expected to pay the amount of 30.450/month only to be entitled to receive emergency treatment for six months.)

Generali STUDIUM Insurance for Stipendium Hungaricum Students

In accordance with the governing Stipendium Hungaricum Programme Operational Regulations dated 21 December, 2018 Károli Gáspár University provides an additional insurance for the scholarship holders during their studies.

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