Mission Statement

In the spirit of the Biblical Word, the mission of the University is to educate young people consciously claiming the morals and spiritual values of Christianity, and to train professionals with up-to-date knowledge for the good of the nation, to serve Hungarians living in Hungary and outside our borders alike, first of all the reformed system of institutions and the reformed communities. Furthermore, the mission of the University is to encourage the academic and social cooperation of the protestant communities in Europe through the help of a centre in Hungary, and to increase the participation of the members of the Hungarian Reformed community in the intellectual and academic life. Through all this, the University contributes to the fulfilment of the Christian social mission of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

(Extract from the Preamble of the Founding Document)


Quality Policy Statement

As the higher education institution of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary – following the perennial values of Christianity and building on the Reformed heritage of several centuries that has been handed down to us – serves to the benefit of the nation and the Church through its instruction, education and scientific activities. As a Christian university it is committed to the protection of Christianity and particularly its preservation in Europe.

In the spirit of the work of Gáspár Károli, translator of the Bible, scholar and Reformed pastor of Gönc, which was critical for Hungarian education, of a scientific nature, aiming for perfection and implemented for the benefit of others, the university bearing his name strives to become a spiritual hub characterized by an awareness of quality, social responsibility, solidarity, and value-based activities. In the meantime, the university is aware that – for humans, for all created beings – this created world represents home and a living space, which is why in the course of instruction, education and research, raising awareness of the protection of the created environment receives an important role.

It is the mission of the university to provide its students with quality education in a quality learning environment; its professors carry out their educational tasks to a high standard and with joy, and make good use of their knowledge in the course of their research; its graduates represent the values and expectations of the university in the course of their work. It wants to ensure that its graduate students possess broad-based, modern skill sets that can be utilized and further developed on the labour market, furthermore, that they make a start on their future careers as active citizens. By encouraging research and innovation, the university supports the individual development of students and colleagues and their success in research projects in Hungary and internationally. It accepts responsibility for the quality of its services, for the provision of training, research, core and supplementary activities to a high standard, and for the continued development of all these.

In the interest of achieving these objectives, Károli Gáspár University:
‒ builds a quality assurance and management system, which is constantly developed and monitored in compliance with the Act on Higher Education and the criteria of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, as well as international recommendations and trends;
‒ promotes the dissemination and development of quality culture in the institution, encourages its staff and students to study the quality policy and identify with its objectives; the constant expansion of their skills and knowledge, and to show exacting standards in the course of their lives and work;
‒ constantly monitors changes in the social and educational environment, takes into account the diversity of the students and adjusts its quality policy according to these demands and expectations;
‒ provides academic integrity and freedom for its staff and students, but acts against intolerance and discrimination in the spirit of Christianity;
‒ provides the necessary resources for the realization of an environment supportive of high standard teaching and research. The leadership of Károli Gáspár University, faithful to the system of values of historically-rooted Reformed colleges, undertakes an active role through the communication of the traditions of Reformed higher education and by applying them in practice, in the functioning and development of the quality assurance system, and commits itself consistently to the endeavour to improve the level of quality, and it expects this commitment from all of its staff.


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