Alumni Opinion

Mirhadi Samidzada (Azerbaijan)

LL.M. in European and International Business Law, 2018

"It is my honor to know you, our dean and other teachers of our university, to study at KRE. I don’t write it as a formality: you are amazing persons. You helped us in each and every step of us. Thanks for everything.

Of course, as a graduate I am also part of the KRE family and I always would like to see my university among the best universities of the world. During the course LL.M. teachers were really kind, polite and tried to do their best to teach us everything in a professional and on the other hand friendly way.

Regarding the city, Budapest is really beautiful city and there are so many splendid scenes. Because of its nature, bridges, river, hills and general characteristic features I would like to include it among the most beautiful cities of the world."


Ornella Lazarte (Brazil)

LL.M. in European and International Business Law, 2018

"Hungary was the best experience of my life and I am proud to hold a European diploma. Besides, Budapest has a lot of job opportunities and I grew as a student, a person and a professional 10 years in 1 year.

I hope next year there is going to be more Brazilian students at KRE!"


Anastasia Donica (Moldova)

LL.M. in European and International Business Law, 2018

"My name is Donica Anastasia, and I am among the first students who graduated from the LL.M. degree program provided by the Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church and the Stipendium Hungaricum Program. It was a great opportunity to have the chance to study the European and International Business Law in the most beautiful city of Budapest! I find this journey a great experience which has marked me personal and professional wise. This would not be possible without the help and support of your great administration, which guided us through our not very easy moments, at times, but which have been transformed into warm memories. I am very thankful for this outstanding opportunity, which was surely the best time of my life!"




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