Faculty of Law


The two main research fields of the Faculty of Law are the following:

  • The effects of constitutional changes and the Fundamental Law on the Hungarian legal system.
  • The effects of the new technologies and global technological changes on the Hungarian legal system.


Department of Criminal law, Criminal procedure and Penitentiary Law
  • School violence/crime, bullying; The global world of the violence;
  • Changes in Hungarian criminal policy and the contemporary system of criminal law
Department of International and European Law
  • The law of the international sales and special questions of the international commercial law;
  • Legal and institutional aspects of EU external relations
Department of Infocommunication Law
  • The challenges of new global technologies in the Hungarian legal system
Department of Public Administration Law
  • Roma and public administration
Department of Commercial Law
  • Legal challenges of property transactions and other assurances in contemporary civil law and practice of various European states
Department of Labor Law and Social Security
  • The development of the Social Security System in Hungary until today



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