Student Life

At a university level, the students of the Károli Gáspár University are represented by the Student Union (EHÖK). The responsibilities of the Student Union include assisting the communication between the enrolled students and the University, representing the students’ interests in higher education and academic matters, as well as at regional and national organisations. The EHÖK has to coordinate the work of the Student Unions of the Faculties too, and it has membership in international student organisations as well.

Károli Gáspár University has a really active and developing student life. The Student Union organises and offers a wide range of cultural and professional programmes for the students. The Student Union encourages everyone to meet their professors and school mates outside the university as well, to make new friendships and establish new contacts.


The Károli Community Days are held in each semester before the autumn and spring break. During these occasions a variety of lectures are organised for the students, related to their field of studies and future professions, held by their professors or recognised professionals of their fields. For example, law students have the opportunity to attend presentations held by judges, lawyers or prosecutors who introduce the course of their careers. The last day of the event is the Sports Day, where the participants can play football, handball, basketball, volleyball or try zumba. The more courageous students can even join a battle of paintball.

The students of the University can take part in a wide range of amateur sport teams in futsal, basketball, handball, volleyball or water polo. These teams play in amateur championships organised among other universities and colleges. The opportunity to join is open for everyone, even for absolute beginners. Apart from sport activities students have the opportunity to learn traditional Hungarian folk dance as well.

The Faculty of Theology offers many spiritual programmes for the students, since active religious/spiritual life is considered important and encouraged at the University. At the Ráday Student Residence Hall Bible study groups are held once in every week for the occupants. There are similar occasions organised by the pastor of the University as well. The Faculty itself offers even more religious programmes, for example there is collective prayer at noon on weekdays, and there are also different prayer groups coordinated by the enthusiastic students of the Faculty.

The Bocskai István College of Excellence in Legal and Social Sciences is an autonomous institution with high standards of professional training. Its goal is to provide high-quality education, support talented students and educate professionally motivated and ambitious young intellectuals. To achieve these goals the members of the College for Advanced Studies work in two workshops based on their field of studies which are the followings: public or private law.

KAPSZLI is a non-profit organisation founded in 2004. Its members, who study Psychology at the University, organise and host conferences and events in order to introduce the science of Psychology to everyone. During these presentations, which are often held by well-known professionals of their respective fields, interesting current topics and new discoveries in Psychology are discussed. Furthermore KAPSZLI prepares the students for their future professional life.

Each year KAPSZLI organises one of the largest conference of Hungary in the field of Psychology with 40 lectures and over 20-30 workshops through 3 days. Throughout the year smaller lectures are held on a monthly-basis. The preparations of these lectures, including designing webpages and posters, contacting lecturers, advertisement, looking for sponsors, are all arranged by the members of KAPSZLI, who are constantly working on improving their organisation.


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