Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Institute of Arts Studies and General Humanities
  • Systematic Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • History of Ideas
  • Church History,
  • History of Theology
  • Byzantinology
  • Art History
  • Religious Studies
  • Popular Religiosity throughout the Ages
  • Mysticism in Religion
  • Theatre History
  • Contemporary Hungarian Theatre
  • Theatre Database Building
  • Translation of Technical Literature on Theatre
Institute of English Studies
  • English Descriptive Linguistics
  • History of the English Language
  • Applied English Linguistic
  • Methodology of ESL
  • History of English Literature
  • British History
  • Hermeneutics (Jonathan Edwards, Northrop Frye, Tolkien, Milton, King James Bible)
  • Canadian Studies (Teaching Canada, Social and Literary Aspects of Canadian Multiculturalism)
  • North-American Studies
  • Irish Studies
  • Lexicography
  • Pragmatics
  • Phonetics
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Translation Studies
Institute of German and Dutch Studies
  • Literature and Memory along the Danube (Spiritual Centres of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Digital Cultural Topography)
  • Lexicography, History of the German and Dutch Language and Literature
Institute of History
  • Cultural History of Reformation (History of Reformation in Hungary, Role of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Education, Hungarian Specificities of Protestant Ethics, Critical Analysis and Publication of Historical Source Texts)
  • Protestantism in Transylvania (16-18th-century Transylvanian History, Transylvanian Foreign Affairs, Christianity/Protestantism during the Turkish Occupation, Gábor Bethlen, Reformed College of Nagyenyed)
  • Church History (Ecclesiastical Topography in East-Central Europe—Methods, Problems and Possibilities)
  • Classical Myths and Cultural History (Paleography, Kleininschriften Research, Abklatsch-Collection)
Institute of Hungarian Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies
  • TERMIK (Terminology)
  • Translation Theory
  • Jargon
  • Lexicography
  • Hungarian Studies Network
  • Children’s and Juvenile Literature (Juvenile Literary History and Methodology, Literary Genres, Canons and Reception)
  • Mediality
  • History of Literary Criticism
  • Literary Translation
  • Religion and Ethnography
  • Folklore
  • Fairy Tale Analysis and Research
  • Contemporary Central European Novel
  • Neolatin Studies
Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures
  • Modern Oriental Languages and Cultures (Japanese Lexicography, Mongolian, Korean and Chinese Cultures, Near and Middle Eastern Cultures)
Institute of Psychology
Institute of Social and Communication Sciences
  • Rescuers and rescued
  • Hungarian Religiosity, Identity, Values and Church Sociology
  • Communication and Society
  • Sacral Communication (Sacral Language and Communication, Religious Communication)
  • Quantitative Communication Research
  • Network Research
Teacher Training Center
  • ICT in Language Teaching / in the Classroom, Subject Methodology
Trans-institutional Research
  • Traditions of Mysticism (Egypt, Neoplatonism, Late Antiquity, Middle Ages, Augustine, Maximos, Superstitions and Popular Beliefs, Contemporary Mysticism, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology and Spirituality)
  • Intercultural Research and Translation (Cultural Transfer Phenomena, Cultural Remembrance and Heritage, Multilingualism)



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