Hungarian Student ID Card

International students are provided with a student ID card with which they can have the same advantages as Hungarian students. After granting student status, the Registrar’s Office issues a (temporary) student card valid for the period of study.

Those who have valid student ID card are eligible 

  • travel discounts 
  • library discounts in the public libraries 
  • museum discounts: permanent and temporary museum exhibitions can be visited with 50 % discount for EEA citizens between the age of 6 and 26. They may attend the permanent exhibitions free of charge on the day of each weekend as determined by the museum. 
  • service discounts 

The Hungarian student ID card is also an international student card. There is a "European Youth Card" logo on the back of the card, which many foreign countries can use to offer discounted services. You can get more information on the website of the international organization:

How to apply for your permanent student card


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