Cost of Living in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary is generally considered low by European standards. 

Here is a list of essentials to get an idea of prices:




EUR (1 HUF = ~385 EUR) 



30.000-40.000 Ft 

70-100 EUR 

Shared flat (+utilities) 

100.000-130.000 Ft 

260-330 EUR 

Private flat (+utilities) 

200.000-250.000 Ft 

520-650 EUR 


Single ticket 

450 Ft 

1.20 EUR 

15-day Budapest pass full price 

6.300 Ft 

16.40 EUR 

Monthly pass full price 

9.500 Ft 

24.68 EUR 

Monthly pass for students 

3.450 Ft 

9 EUR 

Food, groceries 

One loaf of bread 

500 Ft 

1.30 EUR 

One litre of milk 

400 Ft 

1.05 EUR 

1kg veggies at a local market 

2.000 Ft 

5.20 EUR 

1 kg chicken breast 

2.800 Ft 

7.30 EUR 

Eating out (cheap menu or main dish) 

3.000-4.800 Ft 

7.80-12.47 EUR 

Eating out (more servings, drinks) 

6.000-8.000 Ft 

15.60-20.80 EUR 


Cinema ticket full price (no extra) 

2.500-2.800 Ft 

6.50-7.30 EUR 

Cinema ticket for students (no extra) 

1.800-2.450 Ft 

4.70-6.40 EUR 

Theatre ticket 

2.700-8.000 Ft 

7-20.78 EUR 

Gym membership/month 

10.000-12.990 Ft 

26-33.75 EUR 

Entrance fee for a party 

0-5.000 Ft 

0-13.00 EUR 


A single person living with the cheapest options of the above approximate prices, might need around 160.000-200.000 Ft/month (416-520 EUR) for living 

*To see up-to-date prices for Budapest transportation, please visit their website

The indicated prices are for information purposes only, the actual prices may vary. For up-to-date exchange rates please refer to the website of the Hungarian National Bank.


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