Residence Permit

Applications for a residence permit for a period of stay exceeding 90 days and the notification of accommodation can only be submitted electronically, after electronic registration on the electronic platform for the initiation of aliens policing cases (Enter Hungary). 

How to apply electronically: 

  • Register on Enter Hungary; 
  • Enter your details in the Enter Hungary application form; 
  • Uploading the required attachments (e.g., face photo, form, travel document) and supporting documents (purpose of stay, livelihood, housing, health insurance, onward or return travel conditions, etc.); 
  • Payment of the procedure fee (if required by law). 


EEA nationals 

An application submitted by an EEA national is deemed to have been filed if the fee has been paid and the following documents have been attached to the electronic application: 

  1. an identifiable page of the passport or the identity card, 
  2. a power of attorney in the case of a proxy procedure, 
  3. a specimen of the client's signature in the case of an application for the issue/renewal of a permanent residence card. 

If you are coming from a visa waiver country, you can apply for the residence permit for the purpose of study after you arrive in Hungary. (You can also apply for the residence permit at the nearest Hungarian consulate of your current residence, before you travel to Hungary, but it is not recommended due to long waiting times.) 


Third-country nationals 

The application for a residence permit of a third-country national is only considered to have been lodged if the client as natural person or an authorised representative: 

  1. has attached to the electronic application 
    1. an identifiable page of the passport, 
    2. in the case of a proxy procedure, a power of attorney or an unilateral declaration of consent given to the principal employer, 
    3. a facial photograph, 
  2. has paid the fee provided the procedure is subject to a fee. 
  3. In the cases provided for by law, within 15 days of the confirmation of admission, the third-country national has appeared before the competent regional directorate for the purposes of verification of identity, taking biometric data and specimen signatures and recognition of documents. 

If you are coming from a country that is under visa obligations according to the Schengen acquis, you need to apply for the residence permit for the purpose of study and a residence permit visa (D-visa) at the same time, before you travel to Hungary

You need to submit the residence permit application at the Hungarian embassy/consulate or at other locations authorized to receive residence permit applications which operates in the country of your permanent residence or nationality. The decision on residence permit with study purposes will be made within 30 days. Please note that due to the increased number of applications before the start of the semester, the waiting time can exceed 30 days. 


With the residence permit visa (D-visa), you can enter Hungary only once and you are allowed to stay with this document in Hungary only for30 days (during this period you have to register your accommodation in Hungary and receive your residence permit card). 

Please note that the residence permit is only valid together with your address card (QR code) and your passport. 

If you are a non-EEA student and you plan to stay in Hungary longer than 30 days, you are required to register your accommodation and any consequent changes online on the Enter Hungary website within 3 days of taking up residence. 

The QR code received upon accommodation registration has the function of an address card.  It has to be available at all times and be presented to the authorities if requested. 


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