Turcsán-Tóth, Zsuzsanna

Turcsán-Tóth, Zsuzsanna

Gender: F
Year of Birth: 1977
Place of Birth (Country): Hungary
Office Phone Number: +36 1 483 2861

Doctoral Studies
Year of Doctoral Defence (PhD / CSc):
Title of Thesis:
Issuing Institution:

MA Studies
Year of Obtaining the MA Degree: 2005
Discipline(s): History
Issuing Institution:

Further Studies and Qualifications

Institution Qualification Year of Obtaining the Qualification

Current Employer: Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
Institute: Institute of History
Department: Department of Ancient History and Auxiliary Historical Sciences
Current Position(s): Assistant Lecturer

Previous Employer:
Previous Position Held:

Other Previous Employers:
Other Previous Positions Held:

Areas of Research and Teaching

ancient history, ancient religion history, auxiliary sciences of history

Membership in Research Groups and Projects

Educational Functions, Curriculum Development and Other
Teaching-Related Activities

Period Function or Activity
2005-2006 BA
2006-2008 MA

Language Skills

Language Level and Kind of Proficiency
German intermediate, combined
English intermediate, combined

Honours, Distinctions, and Prizes

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Membership in Academic Societies

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Guest Professorships and Research Fellowships in Foreign

Period Institution Activities

Promotorship in Doctoral Studies

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(if applicable)

Opponentship in Doctoral Defences

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Doctoral Student,
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Edited Books and Journals

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Articles in Academic Reviews (Printed and Electronic)

Tóth Zsuzsanna: Istennő(k) az Artemiszionban. Studia Caroliensia, 2006. 3-4.sz. 181-187.

Conference Proceedings (Printed and Electronic)

Turcsán-Tóth Zsuzsanna: Egy lehetséges értelmezés az Epheszoszi Artemisz szobrán megjelenő csillagjegyábrázolásokról. IDK 2012 Konferenciakötet, Pécsi Tudományegyetem Doktorandusz Önkormányzat, Pécs, 2012. (Interdiszciplináris Doktorandusz Konferencia)

Book Reviews

Tóth Zsuzsanna: Orpheus Búcsúzik. Tanulmánykötet Sarkady János emlékére. Orpheus Noster , 2009. 1.sz. 139.



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