Department of Literary and Cultural Studies in English

The Department of Literary and Cultural Studies in English, part of the Institute of English Studies, is jointly responsible with the Department of English Linguistics for the various degree programmes offered by the Institute:

a) BA in English and American Studies;
b) Teacher Training Degree in English (MA)
c) Disciplinary MA Degree in English Studies (MA);
d) a 50-credit programme in English and American Studies which, under certain conditions, can serve as a prerequisite for starting the Teacher Training degree programme or the Disciplinary MA Degree programme in English Studies;
e) and as of September 2013, the new, one-cycle MA degree programme “Teacher of English as a Foreign Language” (both at the primary and the secondary level).

The Department of Literary and Cultural Studies in English is responsible for the subjects connected to literary history, criticism, history, film, and civilisation. The courses reflect the wide-ranging research interests of our staff. For example, students can expect to receive particularly informative lectures and seminar discussions about Christian and biblical influences on Western cultures and literatures. At the same time, modern and contemporary studies also constitute a key segment of our programme.

The Department is proud to have organized a number of conferences over the past few years. These scholarly occasions include “The Arts of Attention” (2013), “Representations of Ireland” (2012), “Indigenous Perspectives in North America” (2012), “Northrop Frye 100: Transdanubian Perspectives” (2012), “Witnessing Responses: A New Generations’ Perspective on the Holocaust” (2009). “King James Bible: Prehistory and Afterlife” (2011), “Milton Through the Centuries” (2008), and “Jonathan Edwards in Europe” (2007).