Department of Hungarian Linguistics

Using the most up-to-date pedagogical, psychological and methodological approaches, the Department of Hungarian Linguistics trains teachers of Hungarian language and literature, as well as teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language at MA level.. Our graduates will teach Hungarian both in state and denominational schools and Hungarian as a foreign language in popular language schools and colleges at home and abroad.

The Department is also responsible for providing training for future terminologists at the MA level. Our graduates have a good chance of finding a quality job at translation agencies, multinational companies, or carrying on research at the PhD level and pursuing an academic career.

Furthermore, the Department of Hungarian Linguistics also offers training to future lecturers of Hungarian linguistics at the BA level. These students can specialize in language mentor training from the third semester (this BA level course is open to the students of foreign languages too) and build further upon their theoretical and practical expertise on programmes at postgraduate schools. The new undivided five year graduate programme for teachers of Hungarian language and literature will start in September 2013.

Linguistic studies within the Department include mainly descriptive studies, applied linguistics (native language education, Hungarian as a foreign language/Hungarian studies, lexicography, terminology), and studies in pragmatics and onomastics. The Department ishome to one of Hungary’s leading groups of Terminology Research (TERMIK).