Department of Civil Law and Roman Law

Department of Civil Law and Roman Law

Civil Law is one of the most complex and colourful part of the law system which contains – inter alia – law of personality, a part of company law, family law, law of ownership, contractual law, inheritance law, a part of consumer protection and intellectual property law.

Furthermore our Department s responsible for the Roman law studies and the agricultural and environment law studies. Our Department has a lot of connectionsto the areas of other departments responsible for subjects of commerce, EU, and infocommunication. Through four semesters lectures are focused on the theoretical aspects and seminars try to introduce the students to the case law by several practical excercises

Head of department:

Dr. habil. Ádám Boóc, associate professor


Dr. Ferenc Fábián, associate professor
Prof. Dr. habil. Attila Pókecz Kovács, full professor
Prof. Dr. Éva Jakab, full professor
Tibor Márk Bányai, language teacher
Prof. Dr. József Szalma professor emeritus
Dr. habil István Sándor private professor
Dr. habil. Róbert Szuchy associate professor
Prof. Dr. Tibor Nochta full professor
Dr. Annamária Csilla Gyüre senior lecturer
Dr. Gyöngyi Melinda Dr. Miskolczi-Bodnárné Harsányi associate professor

Subject available in English:

Introduction to the Law of Arbitration (Dr. habil. Ádám Boóc)