Aims and objectivies – Faculty of Law

Aims and objectivies – Faculty of Law

In the 18th century emphasis was already placed on Reformed education on the provision of a thorough grounding in legal studies. As a result, the Reformed Academies of Law were established in Sárospatak, Máramarossziget, Debrecen and Kecskemét. In the 1920s the Academies of Law in Sárospatak, Máramarossziget and Debrecen were closed, and so from that time until its closure in 1949 only the Institute in Kecskemét stood for continuity in Reformed legal education.

After 44 years of enforced suspension of work, legal education in Kecskemét re-commenced in 1994, with the provisional cooperation of the Faculty of Law of József Attila University of Sciences in Szeged, which is in charge of providing teaching for students taking the Correspondence Degree Course.

The process of accreditation for our Faculty of Law and State Science was completed in mid-July 1999, with Budapest registered as the official seat of the Faculty. In our legal courses greater attention is paid to training which provides an up-to-date knowledge in respect of the legal institutions and administration of the public and private sectors. This recent trend has called for an essential new approach in the teaching of legal studies. From the academic year 1998/99 onwards, Károli Gáspár University has, in addition to the faculties already operational in Budapest, launched a full-time programme in legal education.


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