Theologian/Minister of Religion

Theologian/Minister of Religion

Students taking the degree course in Theologian/Minister of Religion must first master the Biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), in order to enable them to make a deeper study of the Scriptures. Additionally, knowledge of Latin is indispensable to the study of church history and systematic theology. In the second half of their training, there is increasing emphasis placed on the subjects of practical theology. These prepare our students for their work in preaching the Gospel, ministry and teaching religion.

Students preparing for qualifying as Ministers can experience the practical knowledge in the 11th-12th semester within the congregation. It is later needed for an independent and responsible job but cannot be obtained within the educational institution. On successful completion of their final exams, graduates are awarded the degree of “Reformed Theologian” and at the same time they receive a degree of Minister of Religion. Theological literature for the preparation of thesis writing is available in modern languages. In September 2007 our faculty established the degree course of Protestant Theologian for who interested in theology, but couldn’t undertake in the ministerial service.

Theologians who, having completed their university studies, display a more profound interest in the field of academic theology can study for the Doctorate in Divinity. As a result of the traditionally strong links between our Faculty and our Church, every year a number of students are able to carry out academic research at foreign universities. For the completion of thesis work the knowledge of those foreign languages are required which does have resource materials on theology available.


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