Academic and spiritual field trip in France

The spiritual pastor of the Faculty of Theology of the university organised a two-week-long field trip for theologians and religious education teachers

in July 2015.

During their journey the 44 participants visited the following twelve famous cathedrals of France: Strasbourg, Metz, Verdun, Reims, Soissons, Noyon, Amiens, Párizs, Mont-Saint-Michel, Évry, Chartres and Ronchamp. They followed the course of church architecture from the roots of early Christianity, Romanesque and Gothic art through the Renaissance and Baroque to the contemporary and modern buildings. Each of the twelve cathedrals had really special characteristics, which made them rightfully famous.

For the group of Reformed Protestant pastors, theologians and laymen, it was a special highlight of the journey when they visited the church in Noyon, where Calvin had served as an altar-boy. They also saw the place where Calvin grew up and the museum of the town which is dedicated to the memory of Jean Calvin.

The academic nature of the field trip was fulfilled through the presentations held by students and others, literary extracts and music. The spiritual nature was enhanced through the devotions and reading sessions held by pastors and theologians, that occasionally could take place in famous cathedrals, combined with collective singing.

This trip was a great opportunity for building community: on the one hand to experience the hospitality of the French host congregations, on the other hand in the special atmosphere of the camping where a professor of theology, a student, a family member, a pastor and a relative could easily sit together. It was an uplifting experience of the miracle of God’s love.


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