Visit to Canada

A joint delegation of the Reformed Church in Hungary, represented by Counsellor of the Synod, Mr András László Gér, and Károli Gáspár University, represented by Secretary General Dr Gyula Balázs Csáki-Hatalovics and Director of International Relations Mr Gyula Sümeghy visited The King’s University in Edmonton, Canada on 19-24 September 2017.

The delegation attended the conference of the host institution, entitled “Does the Church Matter?” where they presented the Reformed Church in Hungary as well as Károli Gáspár University at two different sessions.  They held talks with President Melanie Humphreys and Vice-President Hank Bestman over the experiences and future possibilities of cooperation between the two universities.  The delegation also met the three Károli students who currently spend a semester at King’s with the support of a Hungarian scholarship programme.


From left to right: President Humphreys, Vice-President Bestman, Secretary General Csáki-Hatalovics,
Counsellor Gér and Director Sümeghy at the campus of King’s



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