Values Building Toolkit in Social Work Education

The "Values Building Toolkit in Social Work Education" project supported by the Visedgrad Fund has come to an end at Fall 2021. The group who worked together consisted of Hungarian (including KRE's Faculty of Social Studies and Health Sciences' Institute of Social Work and Deaconry), Czech, Slovak and Polish universities that were coordinated by University of Ostrava. During the fruitful cooperation, participants examined the transfer of values between social professions (e.g.: social work, social pedagogy, deaconry/Christian social work) at universities of social work and social pedagogy in the Visegrad countries.

One of the results of the project is a handbook of good practices, named Values Building Toolkit in Social Work Education. The publication contains number of practices, techniques and concrete implementation and examples that can help all educators’ work, who consciously implements the values on their university classes. The handbook is available in English by clicking here:

Further studies of the project are available here:


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