Graduation Ceremonies at Károli Gáspár University

The international students of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary who graduated in the 2021/2022 spring semester at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences received their diplomas during a graduation ceremony held on June 27.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest faculty of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, the second largest liberal arts faculty in Hungary, and the third most well-known and popular faculty among all the faculties in Hungary.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Károlyi-Csekonics Palace, where beside the 10 international students, alumni, academic and administrative staff, family, and friends of graduates participated. The event was moderated by Dr. Judit Nagy, Vice-Dean for International Affairs at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

At the event Prof. Dr. Péter Furkó Academic and International Deputy Rector, Dr. Paszkál Kiss Head of the Institute of Psychology, Dr. Miklós Péti Head of the Institute of English, Dr. Gábor Szalai International Director gave speeches and also Dr. Habil. Géza Horváth, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Head of the Institute of German Studies, Mrs. Dötsch Dr. habil. Zita Hollós responsible for EMLex training shared their thoughts in German.

The graduates were called one by one to the podium, where they received their diplomas. The event was concluded with a photo shooting session. After the ceremony, participants were invited to take part in a small reception.

The Faculty of Law held their graduation ceremony on July 2, in the Reformed Church on Pozsonyi Street. At the event, international and Hungarian students received their diplomas collectively. Dr. Miklósné Dr. Andrea Zakar, Head of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Studies gave her farewell speech to the students:

“There were some hard tasks in the course of your studies: preparation for difficult exams and the Vis moot competition or learning the Hungarian language – BUT despite all these challenges, you completed this part of journey with great achievements and (we hope) with beautiful memories.”

This year we were able to give 8 students their well-deserved LL.M degree, with this achievement by our students we are proud to say that overall, more than 30 students has now acquired European and International Business Law degrees from our university.

Even though the Faculty of Law in our university has a smaller number of students, it enables the faculty to excel in a different way. For example, it creates the opportunity to listen to practical classes and seminars in small groups, which helps to learn the course material more effectively, nurture talent and establish a direct teacher-student relationship. Compared to the number of students, the number of special dormitories and optional courses offered is extensive, which provides a sufficiently broad opportunity to satisfy the diverse interests of the students, as well as to present novelties following the changes of the modern world.

Our students, our pride:

LL.M. in European and International Business Law:

  • Abdyldaev Zhanbolot from Kyrgyzstan,
  • Hannoon Khuzama from Palestine,
  • Karatas Ilke from Turkey,
  • Kim Bora from South Korea,
  • Nana Stepanishvili from Georgia,
  • Nurlan Uulu Erbolot from Kyrgyzstan,
  • Wasim Khraisha from Palestine,
  • Zhamalidin Kyzy Sezim from Kyrgyzstan.

MA in German Language Literature and Culture:

  • Ivanovski Simona from Montenegro.

EMLex - European Master in Lexicography:

  • Feidias Michail from Greece,
  • Fernandes Soares Daniele from Brazil,
  • Khamissara Tith from Thailand.

MA in English Studies:

  • Cardenas Serrano Juan Felipe from Colombia.

BA in Psychology:

  • Ansari Saleem Safia from Pakistan,
  • Bou Salman Randa from Lebanon,
  • El Aouad Imane from Morocco,
  • Kormysheva Mendes Gonçalves Nicole Clotilde from Cape Verde,
  • Triki Fatma from Tunisia,
  • Ufak Buse from Turkey.


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