State Secretary Tristan Azbej’s Lecture at KRE

An open session of seminars on the present and future of persecuted Christians is being held for students and visitors of our university. Tristan Azbej, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the Hungarian side, responsible for programmes to help persecuted Christians, and Prime Minister's Office Vice President of the KDNP - Christian Democratic People's Party, came to our institution in the framework of these series of seminars.

In his presentation, he spoke about the global situation of Christianity and the aims and results of the Hungary Helps Programme, which helps nearly 1 million people in need in more than 50 countries to stay at home. During the presentation, the audience was given an in-depth look at the plight of persecuted Christians in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Nigeria and Congo.

The seminar was organised by Zoltán Literáty, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Theology, in February 2023. In addition to the State Secretary, other speakers accepted the invitation, like those who are living in Hungary as refugees because of persecution for their Christian faith (Pakistan, Iran), those who are serving as local pastors in countries where Christians are persecuted (Nigeria, Burkina Faso), and those who are serving as missionaries in Hungary or helping in similar areas.

The seminars are open and regularly attended by pastors and church members, and students from other faculties of the university are also welcome to attend the next sessions in room 105 of the Faculty of Theology (KRE HTK 1092 Bp., Ráday utca 28., entrance from Markusovszky tér):

13 April 17:00 – Pastor from Nigeria

27 April 17:00 – university student from Egypt

4 May 17:00 – missionary serving in India

11 May 17:00 – mother from Colombia living in Hungary


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