Orientation Week for New Exchange Students

The Orientation Day for the 2023/24 Fall semester took place on 4 September 2023. The students received a welcome pack after registering and were warmly welcomed by Rector Prof. Dr. László Trócsányi. The Rector started his speech with the university’s motto: “Károli. Community. Quality.” He emphasized the importance of the community and encouraged the students to be active in events and meet new people. To support the new international students’ community, he offered assistance. He invited his colleague from the Sports Office to spread news about Károli’s sport events. International students can participate in sports free of charge. After the Rector’s welcome, Dr. Gábor Szalai, Director of International Relations introduced the Erasmus coordinators from the faculties.

Rector Prof. Dr. László Trócsányi - Orientation Week

During the orientation week, new international students took part in a variety of activities organized by the International Office and the GoBuddy mentor team. Thanks to the smooth cooperation from all parties, newcomers could feel at ease and home immediately.

The first days were about giving as much information to the participants as needed for the semester’s start. There were presentations about the university’s brief history, practical information about the academic semester and lectures about Hungarian culture and history. Furthermore, internationals were taught some vital Hungarian expressions. Additionally, the Office organized a city tour by bus in the city center, and thus, newcomers became familiar with the host town.

Group picture - Orientation Week 2023

Moreover, the BuddyCare mentors (Virág Karai and Gábor Barta) met the students twice during the orientation week. On Monday they introduced the Buddy program. Through this program international students can receive a Buddy, who is a local student and able to help the new incoming students with their everyday problems, making their life easier in Hungary. On Tuesday the international students had even more fun, because the BuddyCare mentors prepared different games and presents. Besides games that helped them getting to know each other better, they had to form 10 "international" teams for a Kahoot! game, where the first four teams won different KRE merchants (notebooks, metal water bottles, mugs, totebags). At the end of the sessions, they listened to a presentation about cultural shock, its psychological background and about some practical tools on how to overcome it.

The GoBuddies organized a Kahoot! game. There were many questions related to Hungary but also to many other countries like Slovakia or Croatia. The students played in groups of 4-5 and the winner team received Pöttyös Túró Rudi as a prize. At the end of the orientation week, we took a wonderful boat trip to Szentendre. Around 45-50 students came, and we all had a great time. We are looking forward for our next programs which includes Museums and of course Ice-skating in the wintertime.

The International Office’s staff are happy to welcome the newcomers and eager to start working with them. Hopefully, the Orientation Week was a great opportunity for the international exchange students to get to know each other informally before the official weekly meetings begin at the faculties.


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