Department of Personality and Clinical Psychology

In terms of training, the primary mission of the department is to introduce students to the healthy and pathological ways of functioning of the personality and their therapeutic respects. Accordingly, our key areas of training are: personality psychology, psychopathology, pathopsychology, clinical psychology, psychodiagnostics, health psychology, clinical health psychology, and positive psychology.

The training provided by our department is practice orientated, namely we make every effort to acquaint our students with the psychologist’s everyday work, partially through internal practice, and partially by means of so called external practice, which takes place in hospitals or at educational guidance services, etc.

In the course of our internal practices we encourage our students to translate the acquired theoretical knowledge into practical abilities. They can learn how to use and evaluate various questionnaires and tests, familiarize themselves with the method of making interviews, attain the basis of clinical case representations and health psychological educational programs, and also get an inside view of the therapeutic and method-specific areas, such as: family therapy, autogenic training, focusing, conflict management, relaxation, and symbol and art psychotherapy.

We consider the professional development of personality very important as well; at the BA level we provide vocational socialization courses in 6 semesters.

At the same time, all members of our department are psychological practitioners with enormous experience and various method-specific qualifications. All the colleagues either have aPhD degree or are in the process of the acquisition of one.

Our research is mainly organized around the following subject areas: couple and family (measurement of personality and family with several method, like the Rorschach test, psychology of family perception and family functioning, attachment, adoption, development of emotion regulation, family therapy, etc.), positive psychology (mental health in positive psychological approach, optimism, forgiveness, mindfulness), and chronic pain psychology.

A fair number of conference lectures and publications have been published so far in the above mentioned subject matters.

Head of Department
Dr. Erika Nyitrai Kosztyuné, Associate Professor

Dr. Emőke Bagdy, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Gyula Biró, Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Mónika Albu, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Zsuzsanna Mirnics, Associate Professor
Orsolya Heincz, Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Nóra Mailáth, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Máté Szondy, Senior Lecturer  
Dr. Andrea Ferenczi, Senior Lecturer  
Dr. Ilona Szili, Visiting Lecturer
Dr. Anna Bátki, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Dóra Kovács, Senior Lecturer
Melinda Reinhardt, Assistant Lecturer