Institute of Psychology

Institute of Psychology

The Institute is well-known for its family-like atmosphere and the in-depth academic and research work born from personal professional ties and the practical application of the results within and outside of its walls.

The development of a professional personality and identity is integrated into our programmes, hand-in-hand with the acquisition of methods and skills applied in helping professions.

Psychology as a study programme was launched in September 2000 at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Today, we have approximately 1,500 students studying in our programmes at various levels. The Institute has five departments, teaches and does research in the traditional fields of psychology. Our Training Center provides post-graduate courses for psychologists and experts of other professions. The Institute is ranked among the top Hungarian psychologist training institutes, we are very popular among the applicants.

Our clinical and practice-oriented training aims to provide a thorough general knowledge of the discipline of psychology and to develop special skills in the fields of mental health, communication science, child psychology, health-care psychology, and clinical psychology. Focusing on the practical side of the profession and on professional preparation, our training comprises two stages, general and specialized.

The general stage (BA level) concludes with a final exam at the end of the sixth semester. It is available in two modes of study: full-time and correspondence. Following this, at the MA level, students must choose two areas of specialization from the three which are offered (clinical psychology, interpersonal relationships, communication science). The degree course also includes ‘intellectual training,’ which allows students to study other interdisciplinary subjects such as biblical anthropology, art therapy, etc.. During the final semester of the MA programme students must choose a total of eight special courses from a wide range of subjects related to psychology. The MA degree course concludes with the submission of a thesis, based on independent academic research, and a final exam. The Institute provides three special postgraduate courses: mental health, supervisor, and consultant on psychology of visual expression.

Extensive reseacrh is carried out at the Institute, which the students of the BA and the MA programmes may join. The university maintains a vibrant student life and a number of student associations; our students participate in national competitions with outstanding results and present their scientific and practical research results also to wider audiences (e.g. KAPSZLI Professional Days, SoulCrumbles).

The Institute is located on the premises of the Óbuda University Center. It can be accessed by public transport (bus, coach, train) or by car. The campus-like complex is home to 21 lecture halls, classrooms, department rooms and students’ „relaxing bays”. The library holds several thousand books and provides access to computers. The lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment for delivering presentations.



Head of Institute
Paszkál Kiss, Ph.D.
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Tel: +36 (1) 430 2348

English language BA programme coordinator:
Judit Szabó
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Tel: +36 30 562 5691
Library of the Institute of Psychology:
Location: 1037 Budapest Bécsi út 324., Building 3, 1st floor
Phone: +36 (30) 879 8184

Katalin Kisfalvi
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Enikő Mira Rácz
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Opening hours:
Monday: 09.30 - 18.00
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