Department of General Psychology and Methodology

The primary mission of the Department of General Psychology and Methodology is the preparation of skilled professionals on psychological issues both theoretically and practically.. To achieve this mission, the Department of General Psychology conducts teaching and research with its staff that is aimed at enhancing the quality of first, second and third level students, as well as MA students.

The Department’s key areas of research are the psychometrics of projective tests, (especially the Rorschach and projective drawings), new methods of psychological statistics, including statistical software development, the psychology of pain and suggestions, and environmental psychology.

The Department offers foundational courses that have to be thoroughly learned at the beginning of studies in psychology. They are attitude-shaping in nature: students should understand basic principles of experiment design, the methodology of data evaluation, ethical rules, APA standards, methods of interpretation, as well as how to report empirical results.

The most important courses are general psychology (three semesters of lectures, exercises, and workshops), anatomy, neurology, biological basics of psychology, anatomy, and physiology of the nervous system. Mathematical statistics is also emphasized. A basic methodological knowledge of psychometrics also provided, as well as courses on the theory of measurement and other methodological courses.

After the foundational courses, students continue with more specialized courses such as ecological psychology, environmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and special courses on altered states of consciousness, relaxation techniques, and pain research.

It is a distinctive feature of the Department that it provides courses on projective tests both in practice and in theory. Students learn coding methods and interpretation of the famous Rorschach test, as well as the interpretation of projective drawings.

Head of Department
Dr. Zoltán Vass, Professor

Dr. András Vargha, Professor
Dr. Balázs Czigler, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Lilla Benczúr, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Sándor Kántor, Senior Lecturer
Olivér Nagy Nagybányai, Assistant Lecturer
Zsuzsanna Kövi, Assistant Lecturer
Szabolcs Takács, Assistant Lecturer