Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology

The Department Developmental and Educational Psychology is responsible for teaching developmental psychology for students of psychology, and psychology subjects for students in teacher training. Its leader is assistant professor Rita F. Földi; other teachers are Éva Hadházi (assistant professor), Judit Páli and Orsolya Gőbel (senior lecturers), and Judit Boda-Ujlaky (assistant lecturer).  Beside teaching activity there is research activity as well: developmental neuropsychology research team (leader Rita F. Földi), and the main research profile is the most commonly diagnosed learning disabilities in childhood and adolescence. As a result, a therapeutic program was designed for children with ADHD and learning disabilities that aims to enhance school integration and school performance.  Within this research field, a Phare program support was given to the research team, which allowed the team to extend the studies to disadvantaged groups of children.

By studying the neuropsychological background of learning abilities, we work out such programs that support the processes of maturation and development from an educational point of view (leader Judit Páli). Judit Páli in her own research deals with the developing-educational aspect of playing. She investigates the neurological and neuropsychological background functions of this crucial developmental area; her educational games aim effectively the corrective, compensational mechanisms of the developmental disturbances and the prevention of learning disabilities. Functioning examination of organic and anxiety factors behind behavioral disturbances was compared to the results of projective drawing tests. This research is closely related to the research of others on the team, particularly to the characteristics of early socialization (parental attitudes: Éva Hadházi and early bonding and attachment: Rita F. Földi).

According to our research interest, we emphasize the proper education of children with special educational needs for students in teacher training, and  we try to provide them the broadest psychological  knowledge. Some teachers, beyond their degree in psychology, also have a teacher’s degree and school experience.

Our current department study includes the psychological background of obesity. We are investigating the topic from several points of view and working out a new part of the treatment method.

The broad interest and education of our teachers covers many fields of psychology and its related areas like sport and humor.

Our teachers regularly participate in national and international conferences and educational trainings and hold professional trainings for teachers and special education teachers.

Head of Department
Fodorné Dr. Rita Földi, Associate Professor 

Dr. Éva Hadházi, Associate Professor
dr. Judit Páli, Senior Lecturer
Judit Ujlaky, Assistant Lecturer