Department of General Humanities

Research Fields and Interests of our Colleagues

Dr. habil. G. Kendeffy
CSc (PhD) in Philosophy
Dr. Kendeffy’s research focuses on the philosophy of the Church Fathers, particularly on the thought of Saint Augustine and Lactantius. His first monograph deals with the influence of Ancient scepticism on early Christian thinkers, including the Greek apologists of the second century: Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Tertullian, Arnobius, Lactantius, the Cappadocian Fathers. and Saint Augustine. The aim of his second monograph (What is Evil good for?), dedicated to Lactantius’ theology, was to highlight the importance and the originality of the ‘Cicero Christianus’ as a systematic theologian. Since the publication of this book, Dr. Kendeffy has devoted several papers to Augustine’s epistemology and anthropology. His research interests also include Hellenistic epistemology and ethics, and the philosophy of Cicero.

Dr. R. Kopeczky
PhD in Ancient Studies
Dr. Kopeczky wrote her doctoral thesis on ancient literary translation (especially translations of Homer into Latin) from a practical point of view. Her other main research field is the study of religions of the Greco-Roman world as well as Israeli and early Jewish religion. She is also interested in ancient Roman historiography.

Dr. M. Cs. Sarnyai
PhD in History
From the beginning of his research career, Dr. Sarnyai has been interested in Hungarian and European church history, with special regard to the relationship between the state and the Catholic Church in the modern era. In addition, he also examines the autonomous efforts of Hungarian and Transsylvanian minorities and denominations, from the 19th century to the present. He is also interested in the history of Hungarian Religious Studies and in the tendencies of globalisation and its effects on the religious phenomena of our age. Please find his related Hungarian and foreign publications, as well as conference lectures, in his list of publications.

Dr. A. J. Tóth
PhD in Classical Letters
Dr. Tóth’s research field is the religious life of Late Antiquity and the early Byzantine period. Her PhD thesis, written on the chronicler John Malalas, was primarily concerned with the religious attitude of the author, through which he combined his Christian faith with folk beliefs and surviving elements of the classical Greek religion. In her articles, Dr. Tóth deals with the texts of the late antique historiographers as sources of vernacular religion, and examines what role was played by theurgy and other esoteric teachings in the religious life of Late Antiquity. She is working on the translation of theurgical texts. She published several articles on classical Greek mythology.

Dr. M. Vassányi
PhD in Philosophy
Dr. Vassányi has three research areas: 1. (Early) Modern Philosophy; 2. Late Ancient Byzantine Mystical Theology; 3. The History of the Inuit and Inca religions. 1. In (Early) Modern Philosophy, he is especially interested in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, and Natural Philosophy, and he is carrying out research into such authors or movements as Schelling, Diderot, Locke, and early modern physico-theology. 2. In Late Ancient Byzantine Mystical Theology, he has a focus on St. Maximus Confessor and St. Denys the Areopagita (together with the most important Neo-Platonic source of the latter, i.e. Proclus). As an extension of this research, he is also dealing with Johannes Scottus Eriugena. 3. In Religious Studies, he is studying Inuit shamanism and Inca human sacrifice in the earliest written sources.