Department of General Humanities

The Department of Liberal Arts of the Károli Gáspár University of Reformed Church in Hungary had been created on February 1st 2008. The Department was founded by Dr. habil. Gábor Kendeffy (Károli Gáspár University, Theology Faculty, Philosophy Department).


It is responsible for the various degree programmes offered by the Institute of Art History and General Humanities:

- BA in Liberal Arts (majors in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Art History);

- MA in Religious Studies;

- MA in Philosophy (starting from 2022/2023);

- Teacher Training Degree in Christian Ethics.


The BA in Liberal Arts is offering subjects connected to Philosophy, Religious Studies, History of Religion, and different aspects of Arts’ Studies. The courses reflect the wide-ranging research interests of our staff. A special accent is laid on the study of Philosophy. The Religious Studies major offers an extensive introduction to religious history and religious ideas. Both the BA and MA courses include the study of Classical languages and a special focus on Antiquity.


The Religious Studies MA cover a wide spectrum of religious phenomena in time and in space. The students get an MA level insight into the principal world religions (e.g. Judaism, Christianity in general, its historically developed denominations, and modern phenomena, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese, and Japanese religions).



Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Gábor Boros


1088 Budapest, Reviczky u. 4., III. em., 308.

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Deputy Head of Department

Dr. Alex Leonas, PhD


1088 Budapest, Reviczky u. 4., II. em., 228.

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Department coordinator:

Eszter Geher-Balassa

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Telephone: +36 30 227 7697

1088 Budapest, Reviczky u. 4., II. em., 223.



Teaching stuff:

Prof. Dr. Gábor Boros,

Dr. Attila Borsi,

Dr. Judit Faludy,

Dr. Orsolya Horváth,

Dr. Rita Kopeczky,

Dr. Alex Leonas,

Dr. habil. István Pásztori-Kupán,

Dr. Sarnyai Csaba Máté,

Dr. habil. Vassányi Miklós,

Dr. Zalatnay István.


In charge of BA majors:

Dr. habil. Miklós Vassányi (Liberal Arts)

Dr. Orsolya Horváth (philosophy major)

Dr. Judit Faludy (art history major)

Dr. Csaba Máté Sarnyai (history of religion major)


In charge of MA in religious history:

Dr. Csaba Máté Sarnyai


Our Department conducts research in various fields: History of religion in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, Patristics, Byzantine Studies, History of Monasticism, Church History, Neoplatonism, Early Modern Philosophy, Religious Philosophy, Philosophical approaches to narrativity, Anthropology of Religion, Ethnography of Religion, Pre-Columbian civilizations, Contemporary Art Studies.  


The department of Liberal Arts has an extended network of Erasmus and CEEPUS connections throughout Europe:


Katolieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium);

Institut Catholique de Paris (France);

Université de Paris Nanterre (France);

Universidad de Salamanca, Facoltad de Historia (Spain);

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facoltad de Historia (Spain);

Universidad de La Rioja (Spain);

University of Akureeyri (Iceland);

Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic);

University of Bursa (Turkey);

University of Karabük (Turkey);

Proteo (Protestant Theological Institute), Kolozsvár (Cluj, Romania);

University of Alba Iulia (Romania).


CEEPUS connections include:

Universität Graz;

Jagiellonian University of Cracow;

University of Ljubljana;

University of Zagreb.