Department of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History

The department is responsible for offering modern and contemporary Hungarian history (1815-2000) courses. The research activities of the department cover the following main areas:

History of Hungarian political system
Historiography of the history of Hungary
History of Transylvania
Hungarian foreign policy of the 20th century, in particular during the interwar period
World War II
History of  GULAG
History of authoritarianism in Hungary
Rural Hungary

Our department offers one of the few programs that effectively enables students to study comparatively the Habsburg Empire and their successor states, engaging with a variety of social, political, and cultural issues.

Study Programmes
Training according to the one time credit system
BA level
MA level
Supplementary training

Head of Department
Associate Professor József Ö. Kovács, DSc, Habil

Professor András Gergely, DSc, Habil
Professor Sándor Szakály, DSc, Habil
Senior Lecturer Petra Balaton, PhD
Associate Professor Zalán Bognár, PhD
Assistant Lecturer Dávid Kovács, PhD