Highlights of the Academic Year 2022/2023

The beginning of the 2022/2023 academic year brought many innovations among which we would like to point out some that might be of interest to our international students. Over the summer the university staff worked hard to improve the institution before the start of the next academic year.

As you might have already saw from the previous article on our website, the newly renovated building of the Faculty of Theology on Ráday Street has re-opened its doors. The reformed higher education dormitory located at Ráday Street 28 in Budapest burned down in January 2019. Starting from this academic year, the students of the KRE Faculty of Theology and some students from other faculties are now able to live in the rebuilt Ráday Higher Education Student Dormitory.

The dormitory is a key setting for community building in theological education. The new building, which is modern in every aspect and meets the needs of the community, is accessible via the new entrance from Markusovszky tér (square). It has an entry system that is available 24/7. The lounge, buffet and the restaurant are reachable from the open ground floor lobby. The inner courtyard will be converted into a real recreation area and one level below there is a parking lot. The building is equipped with an automatic fire alarm and water extinguishing system. If the system detects a fire and does not receive a contrary signal, pressurised pipes immediately release extinguishing water in the common areas and rooms as well.

As another innovation, the university launched a new faculty: Faculty of Economics, Health Sciences and Social Studies of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The faculty was launched at the beginning of August. It will organize further training courses in church management for leaders and pastors of church institutions. The Dean, Prof. Dr. József Mészáros, promises a warm atmosphere and high-quality education, where the effectiveness of the teaching system is enhanced by high quality pedagogical work.

Dean József Mészáros
Photo: Hajnalka Hurta

KRE is both a young institution with a long history, combining the traditions of Reformed education and openness to professional renewal. These two values have been the basis for the launch of the new faculty. The Institute of Economics of the Faculty of Law has been an incubator house. The leadership, Rector László Trócsányi and Bishop Zoltán Balog wanted to make Human Resources, Business and Management and Economics Education more visible to the public. Until now, the Institute of Economics has been part of the Faculty of Law, offering an independent degree in Economics. Unfortunately, very few people knew about it, and the institution wanted to change that. There is a very high level of cooperation between Social, Health and Economics courses. We have now brought these courses together and created a separate faculty. For the time being we are offering bachelor's courses, but we will soon be launching master's courses.




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