Charity collection for mothers’ home

On the 18th of May the PR and Marketing Section of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary visited the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Mothers’ Home in the city of Miskolc to hand out the donations collected by the community of our university within the framework of the Reformed Volunteer Days of the Carpathian Basin.

The Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Mothers’ Home is a small institution maintained by the Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The organisation aims to provide assistance, help and temporary accommodation for pregnant and nursing mothers who are suffering from social problems, family conflicts, abuse, or their changed marital status.

Residents and workers of the mother’s home were all delighted to receive support from the university. During the charity action an impressive volume of offerings, including several boxes of clothes, bed linen, children’s toys school bags and a cot, were collected.