Rector’s Order and information

3./2020. (III.11.) Rector’s Order and information

Based on the decision of the Government of Hungary on the introduction of a state of national crisis and emergency (40/2020. (III.11.) Government Decree), I hereby order a general ban for students to visit the university from 12 March until further notice, as follows:

•    12 and 13 March 2020 shall be academic holidays,
•    training will continue in the form of distance learning from 16 March 2020,
•    between 30 March and 3 April 2020 Spring break takes place.

1.    During the ban, students shall not visit the buildings of the university.
Professors, teachers and researchers shall use distance learning methods when training the students. Students of a given course can be reached by a group message via the Neptun system. The particularities of the training shall be determined by the professor/teacher/researcher concerned.

There are several options for distance learning:
•    Video-recorded material can be disseminated via the known video sharing applications. For that purpose, a customer account/mailbox is needed. Videos can be recorded by any type of mobile phones.
•    Scheduled classes may be held with live stream.
•    Academic material may be disseminated by Google Scholar. Those who have a or accounts may disseminate their material to the students through these platforms.
•    Using Moodle is a further option.

External training activities are suspended with immediate effect, except in the case of the Faculty of Theology.

Further information on academic issues shall be given in due course.

2.    In case of the non-academic and administrative staff of the university, working continues in the usual way. Anyone of them who returned from abroad (from an official or private visit) in the past two weeks, or who is currently staying abroad, shall stay home for 2 weeks after returning home and shall report this fact to his/her superior via email. On that basis „payed leave” shall be recorded.

Those attending the university to work shall apply the already communicated hygienic rules:
•    washing the hands regularly, disinfection,
•    avoiding close/physical encounters.

3.    All events organised by the university are cancelled foreseeably until after Easter, 16 April 2020, or until a further date, pending on a Government decision. The Károli Community Days between 30 March and 3 April are cancelled.

4.    We ask Hungarian students living in dorms to leave the dorms until 1 p.m. on Friday 13 March and to move home.

International students shall receive further information from the International Office.

5.    (Applicable for Hungarian students only.)

6.    Students, professors, researchers, teachers and other staff members shall not travel abroad with a university organised tour, until further notice. Financial issues related to cancelled tours shall be arranged by the university in due course.

7.     According to the information of the Government, student IDs are automatically extended, so we ask the students not to visit the Registrar’s Office for that purpose. We ask students to contact the Registrar’s Office via email or phone.

We advise everyone to read regularly the website of the university and to check their incoming mailbox as well as the Neptun messages.

Budapest, 11 March 2020

Prof. Dr. József Zsengellér