KRE 30: Student Quiz Night

In connection with the 30th anniversary of the founding of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, the University Student Union organised a student quiz night on the initiative of the Directorate of Public Relations and Communication, in the framework of the Károli 30 commemorative year.

The pleasant evening was opened by Benedek Szalai, President of the Student Union and Prof. Dr. Péter Balla, Vice-Rector for Religion and Spirituality, followed by Gábor Káposztás, Senior University Chaplain of the University. They all expressed their joy that, after the isolation of the past years, the young people were finally able to gather again.

The students from the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, Health Sciences and Social Studies and the Faculty of Theology competed in 5 teams in 2 rounds. The teams of 10 members challenged their knowledge in a variety of topics: in addition to questions about the 30-year-old Károli University, they also tested their knowledge in Geography, Chemistry, History and general literacy, among others. In between rounds, Lili Majercsik and Patrik Dimák entertained the audience with jazz tunes.

During the competition, the team of the Faculty of Theology proved to be the most successful, the team of the Faculty of Law's No. 2 team took the second place on the imaginary podium, while the team of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences came in third. The winners were rewarded with valuable prizes such as book vouchers. The participating teams received vouchers for tickets to the Margaret Island Theatre.



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