Our team of three law students has returned from Vienna where they represented the University in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot („the Moot”). This year, 290 law schools participated in the Moot from 62 countries. The competition commenced in October – the writing phase of the Moot was over in January, and the oral hearings took place in Vienna in the spring, the week before Easter. Our students succesfully handled the challenges during the four simulation hearings that they participated in, each lasting for 1,5-2 hours before panels of three international commercial arbitrators. Our opponents were the University of Miami from the United States, the Russian Academy of Justice from Moscow, the famous Brooklyn Law School from America, and the Law Society of Ireland. The subject matter and procedure of the competition is placed in the fifth-year course „The Law of International Economic Relations” in the law curriculum (international sales law and international commercial arbitration).

The week-long oral phase of the Moot was made even more colorful by professional and social events. The Moot commenced as the The 2013 Károli Pre-Moot Sessions, organized by the Faculty of Law, came to an end.

The Faculty was represented by Marianna Balogh, Balázs Szvetlov and Balázs Timár, all full-time students of law in their fourth or fifth year of legal studies. Coaching, which lasted during the entire academic year, was provided by associate professors Dr. Gábor Palásti (Department of European Law and International Law) and Dr. Ádám Boóc (Department of Civil Law and Roman Law). During the stay in Vienna, additional professional instructions were offered by associate professor Dr. Anikó Grad-Gyenge, deputy head of the Department of Civil Law and Roman Law.

While hereby congratulating the participants to the Moot, we also express out thanks to the University and Faculty for the financial, administrative and professional support.
Dr. Gábor Palásti, associate professor, Department of European Law and International Law