FilmClub with the Psychology students

A FilmClub took place on 17 November 2022 at Reviczky street 6. The event was led by Szabolcs Gergő Harsányi, professor at the Institute of Psychology. The FilmClub focused on the movie titled “Circle”, an American thriller from 2015 this time. The participants watched the movie as a group, while stopping it from time-to-time for in-depth discussion and analysis of the film. The two main topics of the event were the survival of the individual, and societal roles.

One of the participants shared their experiences, which is summarised below:

“At first, I was somewhat sceptical about the event, but watching the movie with the other students, accompanied by the comments of Szabolcs Gergő Harsányi, made it into a special occasion. The mixture of Hungarian and international students gave room for interesting discussions and allowed for us to see things from the perspective of another culture. The choice of the movie complemented our theoretical studies well, and we could focus on the group dynamics and decision making in the movie.

I sincerely hope more students can join the next event of the FilmClub. The atmosphere was quite vibrant and lively (despite the genre of the movie 😊). After the movie, we had the opportunity to spend time together while exchanging stories. This was truly a unique international experience for me.”

The FilmClub is planning to continue its series of events and turn it into a regular occurrence. If you are interested in joining next time, make sure to follow our website for further information about it in the future.





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